Exhibition “ANTS”
Exhibition “ANTS”

There are two formicariums with live ants. Please do not touch!

A living corner at your home, kindergarten, school or office

Keeping ants is a modern and exciting hobby for the entire family.

You will be able to follow all the processes that take place inside an ant colony.

Keeping ants is easy; it takes 10 minutes of your time per week.

You will have the opportunity to grow your own personal ant colony, which will grow from 15–30 ants to several hundred.

No previous experience is required – 9 out of 10 people who buy an ant farm have never heard of it before.

Information can be found at:, Instagram @antspils, Facebook Antspils

1. Harvester Ant Messor barbarus

They are found in southwestern Europe and North Africa. They feed on plant seeds and insects found on the ground and in the soil. They do not forage in trees. A colony has up to 8 000 ants. Worker ants are highly variable in size.

2. Harvester Ant Messor structor

Found in semi-deserts and deserts in southern Europe, central Europe and central Asia, and in mountainous regions at an altitude of up to 2 000 m. They feed on plant seeds, which account for more than 60 % of their diet, and insects. They create shallow nests. A colony has up to 10 000 ants. Worker ants vary in size.