About the Earth, the Sun and Us

Exhibition-activity space "About the Earth, the Sun and Us"
Exhibition-activity space "About the Earth, the Sun and Us"
Photo - LMNH

The exhibition and activity space “About the Earth, the Sun and Us” can only be visited with a tour guide and with a prior booking for school groups and families.

Interactive information helps visitors learn how diverse, wonderful and colourful the World is. The visual materials help children to understand the rhythm of night and day, why some areas of the globe are hot and others are cold, and how that determines what kind of animals live there, as well as the lifestyles of humans. Visitors can “walk into” a Latvian forest and see up-close how the badger and its neighbours live there, and then walk through a sandstone cave and discover what it is like to live underground.

This exhibition is especially suitable for children up to the age of 12. To make an appointment to visit the exhibition, please call +371 67356039, weekdays 9.00–17.30, or e-mail to:  lina@lndm.gov.lv.

The exhibition was created in 2008.

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