Humans and the Environment

Exhibition "Humans and the Environment"
Exhibition "Humans and the Environment"
Photo - LMNH

In this exhibition, visitors can learn about the basic issues concerning ecology: observe the different processes of photosynthesis during day and night, learn about the interrelationships between organisms and the importance of food webs in nature, and find out more about various forms of alternative energy.

Current problems concerning environmental pollution and natural resource use in both Latvia and the world are discussed, and possible solutions are examined. Special attention has been given to the issues of pollution and ecosystem conservation in the Baltic Sea. Visitors can view three-dimensional images that helpfully illustrate the above-mentioned subject matter in a stereoscopic device.

We urge everyone to become aware of the importance of the natural environment and to understand that each one of us is responsible for its conservation and sustainable use!

The exhibition was created in 2011 with the financial support of a Norwegian Bilateral Financial Mechanism and Latvia’s Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development.

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