Evolution of the Earth and the Biosphere

Exhibition "Evolution of the Earth and the Biosphere"
Exhibition "Evolution of the Earth and the Biosphere"
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The exhibition is temporarily closed due to visitor health safety measures.

In the Palaeontology Exhibition, visitors can learn about the history of life on our planet, from its early beginnings to the current day. The depths of Earth contain evidence of these primeval ages in the fossilised remains of ancient animals and plants preserved within rocks.


The exhibition is arranged according to the division of the history of Earth into eras and periods. Each section corresponds to a distinct time span in Earth’s history.

Using palaeontological material, the exhibition illustrates how changes in the environment have affected the evolution of plants and animals, i.e. how simple organisms evolved into increasingly complex ones.

The exhibition features unique fossils of Asterolepis ornata, the armoured fish, and Panderichthys, the lobe-fin fish, both from the Devonian period, which were found in Latvia at the clay quarry in Lode. Also showcased  are Jurassic period ammonites found in Latvia, as well as pieces of a tooth from a Tyrannosaurus and other interesting specimens.

The exhibition was created in 2006.

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