Exhibition “ANTS”
Exhibition “ANTS”

Exhibition "ANTS"

The ant – a small, busy insect, and a symbol of the virtue of work that we learn to recognise in early childhood. Since ancient times, people have described them in folk songs and proverbs, but the exhibition will give an insight into the lifestyle of ants and their role in natural processes.  

The exhibition is an interactive story about ants in Latvia and around the world, and their diversity and interactions with different living organisms. It presents the results of the latest research on the relationship of ants to other Hymenoptera and invites you to take a closer look at the peculiarities of the ant’s morphology. Everyone can learn about the structure of ant colonies, their homes and what happens inside. The exhibition also reveals the multifaceted nature of the human-ant relationship.

The exhibition is organised by:

Latvian National Museum of Natural History  

Financial support:

Latvian Environmental Protection Foundation  

Exhibition design:

Agency Raugs

Creation for the exhibition:


Content and text:

Entomologists and other specialists of the Latvian National Museum of Natural History


Uģis Piterāns, Kristaps Vilks, Aleksandrs Balodis, Arturs Bilerts, Daniel Kronauer, João P. M. Araújo, Pavel Krasenský, Philipp Hönle, Graham Montgomery, Wolfgang Thaler, Fernando Pérez Peralta, Greg Humer, Kamil Stajniak

Facility used for macro photo stacking:

Macro Photo Studio of the Latvian National Museum of Natural History

Thank you for your cooperation:

Riga National Zoo, Daugavpils University, Antspils Ltd., Latvian Mycological Society, Forum Cinemas Latvia OU branch in Latvia, Orkla Latvija Ltd., Ataudze